SYDMOB #15 Sunday, 24th April - Approx participant count: TBA

Emailed Instructions


On the Morning of Saturday 24th April, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

*By 2:15 pm you should be in Sydney CBD, make your way to Wynyard

*By 2:30 pm you should be making your way to Regimental Square (end of Wynyard St & George Sts)

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 2:30pm and 3:15 pm*

Look for an individual who is wearing a Green & Yellow Cricket Jersey, Green & Gold Cap, holding an umbrella and a silver folder, once found, approach and Ask this question: "Two up or Three Down ?"


Script Instructions


Mob Length: 2-3 minutes (near site 3:25 converge & act @ 3:30pm, disperse @ 3:33pm)
Mob site: Pit Street Mall

Toss a coin, or inspect the state of you knees. Heads, you are a deadly WW2 fighter pilot, in charge of your plane, same goes if the inspection of you knees revealed to you that kneeling on concrete was not an option today. If your Knees are fit, and you tossed tails, you are a dedicated gunner for the allies, in charge of anti-aircraft artillery.

Having decided your role today, make your way to Pitt Street Mall, Market Street end. By 3:25 you will have located the Mob Rep who handed you the instructions.

At 3:30 precisely, those of you who are “ground artillery” converge loosely around the mob rep. Peer anxiously into the sky. Get down on one knee, and assume your best Anti-Aircraft weapon pose. When the aircraft converge (30 secs later) start trying to shoot them down, Making big gun noises and actions and cries of joy if you actually bring down your target.

All the fighter pilots should wait 30 seconds after the ground forces are in place and then converge. Put your wings out and make aircraft noises, swoop around the ground forces as they “Akk Akkk Akk” at you, and try and shoot and bomb them. If you feel you have been shot down, fly back out for very quick repairs, then re-engage!

When the mob rep takes of their hat (after about 2-3 mins) – disperse

Pat yourselves on the back Sydney Mobbers. The Battle Of Pitt Street Mall was fought valiantly, without casualty. The main objective, to confuse and confound a total success. The Shoppers in Pitt Street all stopped to watch, and wonder. Some very were amused, along with other who were plain dumbfounded,  You are all awarded all the Medal of Honour.

It was good to note quite a few new faces at this event,  and it was also great to talk with a few of them/you as well. 

This was one of the most fun events to participate in we have had, everyone was grinning during the whole act, and with over 100 shoppers standing with amused and amazed looks on their faces. The act started with the Ground Forces looking for the pending attack from the sky, which had quiet a few of the public also looking up to the heavens just in case they could see what our mobbers could see (be alert - not alarmed !). Funnily enough, that was something we had not, but probably should have, realised would happen.

Right on cue in came the attack from above, with our fighter pilots bravely trying to avoid the shower of artillery coming from the ground forces. At this point a poor member of the public decided she need to drive thru the mall to make a delivery, but when the filter pilots also decided that she was a legitimate target, she decided to hold here ground a pause for a while (Not to mention it is illegal to run over flashmobbers !)

Prune, one of our virgin mobbers hand me in stitches when he also decided that I too was a legitimate target, but was then shot down himself and made a big splash crash into the mall.

 The Disperse was fantastic, for within a few seconds there was just a ring of bewildered public starting into the now vacant space (well vacant, except for the woman in the car who could now make here way to her destination). One person was over-heard to say ".....And now they have all just disappeared - that's the funniest part !).


The next Mob will be a big-un, to be held on the 15th of May, and we will be filmed by a group of uni students doing a doco of their own. So Sydney you have three weeks to gather the troops, and we promise it will be a lot of fun !



Below is a collection of images taken at the event (Thank you very much to the Ray Man)


                                                                                Be Alert - Not Alarmed - look to the skies



                                                                                We can here the engines but where are they ?


                                                                                In come the fighter planes.....




                                                                                Formation flying.....


                                                                                Cars can wait here.....


                                                                                Or be attacked....






VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

In the near future we may have some video footage and more images with a bit of luck but this is it for now.

As always, any other footage or photos people wish to contribute is more then welcome.